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Our Custom Home Building Process

Buyer's Resources

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The Buttorff Experience

The Right Home, Right Now

At The Buttorff Company, we provide extraordinary customer service and client communication.  Though building a new home is a major undertaking, we strive to provide a smooth and easy experience for our clients.  Understanding the basic stages of building a new home is instrumental for our clients to have stress-free experience.


  • Phase 1 – Preconstruction and Plan Design

    • Initial Client Meeting

      • At this meeting we will discuss the core elements of starting the new home building process. These include determining your budget, your desired area or neighbored do location, and the style house plan that works best for you.

    • Lot Selection

      • In this stage we work together to find the best lot for your new home. The Buttorff Company can help you in considering school districts, proximity to work, surrounding amenities, weather a walkout basement is necessary or desired, etc.  Once identified, we will put a lot reservation on that lot. This often requires a deposit which is different, depending on the specific development.

      • The Buttorff Company also welcomes clients who already have/own their own land tractor lot.

    • Plan Selection and Design

      • The Buttorff Company has abundant library of fresh and if a client wishes to make modest changes or alterations to these plans, we are happy to accommodate these needs.

      • In addition, The Buttorff Company is known for its custom and personalized home designs. If a client desires to draw an all-new house plan we can guide them through that process with in-house design team.  New home designs and plan alterations require a plan design deposit, which is credited to the cost of your home upon selecting The Buttorff Company as your builder. 

      • Clients might already have a house plan that they want to build or have a relationship with a specific Architect/Designer.  This not unusual for The Buttorff Company and welcome the chance to build your new home.

    • Final presentation and Contract negation

      • At this time we meet to present the final house plans, specifications and construction contract.  The Buttorff Company with go through our detailed 16 page specification sheet that describes all of the selections for your home and any allowance that might apply to them.

      • Upon client satisfaction and signing of the contract documents.  The Buttorff Company requires a 15% deposit and a letter of preapproval.  With these elements we will get a construction loan for your home.  Once all of these items must be completed before construction begins


  • Phase 2  Finalize Selections and Construction

    • As we start the heavy construction on site, Clients have time to meet with our design coordinate and selection expert.  You will be guided through the exact cabinets, plumbing fixtures, flooring etc.  The Buttorff Company will communicate any selection over or under your allowance. Most overages are collected at the closing of your new home.

    • The major onsite construction milestones for a new home are:

      • Excavation/ Foundation

        • In this stage, the site will be excavated, and foundation poured.  Ground work pluming and concrete slab will be installed as well.

      • Framing/ Roof/ Windows

        • Here the floor deck, exterior walls, interior walls, and roof rafters are installed.  The roof sheathing and roofing system goes in next. This stage concludes with the windows and exterior doors being installed.  At this point the house is “dried-in”

      • Mechanical Trades/ Exterior Facade

        • Now the mechanical work can commence.  This includes rough-in of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and any TV/phone/audio/security wiring. Meanwhile, the exterior façade is applied. For example, brick, stone or cement board siding.


        • Once the municipal inspections are complete. Clients will meet with a member from The Buttorff Company to do a pre-drywall review.

      • Insulation/Drywall

        • Here the home is insulated with The Buttorff Company specific and superior insulation practices.  After the insulation is complete the drywall is installed and finished.

      • Tile/Trim/Paint

        • In this stage, the tile is installed in wet areas. Then the trim, millwork, and doors are all installed.  Once completed, the interior painting takes place.

      • Cabinets/ Tops/ Finish Mechanicals

        • At this point cabinets and counter tops are installed. Then the finish mechanicals can be completes. Including installing faucets, electrical fixtures, HVAC units, etc.

      • Finish/ Flooring/ Landscaping

        • Now driveways, sidewalks, and porches can be finished. Then the landscaping and sod/seed can be installed.  Meanwhile, the finish flooring and PUNCH OUT work can be complete.


  • Phase 3  Completion, Closing and Warrant Support

    • Preclosing and New Home Orientation Walk Trough

      • At this point the home is finished and ready for a New Home Orientation.  Any punch-list items will be noted and resolved before closing.

    • Closing

      • This is the point where The Buttorff Company deeds you your home and hand delivers the keys to your new home.  We will give as much notice as possible for the closing. Clients should know their bank can take 3-4weeks to complete the proper appraisal and paperwork to be ready for the closing.

    • Warranty

      • The Buttorff Company is known for an unwavering level of customer service.  At the closing we provide clients with a warranty booklet for their understanding of a new home warranty.

      • To expedite any warranty issues, we will provide you with list of trade professionals to call directly for minor issues.

      • Within one year from closing, clients can schedule a walk-through with The Buttorff Company.  This is the best time to note any drywall nail pops, if any should occur.

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