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About the Buttorff Company


About The Buttorff Company 

Every home Rick and Brandon build makes a statement. There attention to each customers home is impeccable. I enjoy and look forward to every job we do together.

Rick, Brandon and Roxanne Buttorff built our historic-inspired, beautiful, home for our retirement years. The quality is unsurpassed in our neighborhood as far as I'm concerned. When you drive down the street in Norton Commons, in Prospect, Kentucky, you can eye a Buttorff house instantly. They stand far above all other builders in style and we were lucky to be introduced to them. The process was a full nine-months so they focus on getting it right, and not throwing up a cookie-cutter house. They are truly custom home builders.

If detail to design is what you expect in a builder then The Buttorff Co is who you will want to work with on your new build or remodel project! Gorgeous homes are created and beautiful spaces are the focus when The Buttorff's are on your team! It is always exciting to work on-site with The Buttorff Company; their work is second to none. Communication is a priority of theirs from the beginning to the end of the project. Coordination of the project runs smoothly. As I mentioned, The Buttorff's pay attention to detail and create beautiful spaces which is why referring clients to them is quite easy!

The Buttorff Company is amazing to work with. I have worked with them on a number of different projects and they are top notch! Their quality and attention to detail is unmatched. If you are looking to build or remodel, I highly suggest you contact The Buttorff Company because your home will be unique and one of a kind! I look forward to working with them in the future on other projects!

The Buttorff Company built my home and it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was pleasant to deal with and they went above and beyond to help me design the home I had envisioned. I love my home!!

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